It Snowed in Cairo for the First Time in Over 100 Years

Via @AmrElGabry Photo: AmrElGabry/Twitter

It snowed in Cairo today for the first time in, well … a long time! According to the Los Angeles Times, “Local news reports said the last recorded snowfall was more than 100 years ago,” while the AFP quotes a Cairo meteorologist saying that this is the first snow in “many years,” which is about as vague and unhelpful as it gets. Reports that this is Cairo’s first snowfall in exactly 112 years (see: Business Insider, Buzzfeed) seem to be based on a tweet by one local man who later acknowledged he was just guesstimating. Whatever the exact number is, though, the point is that it basically never snows in Cairo. 

Residents of Cairo seem to be enjoying the rare snowfall, but unexpected weather phenomenon hasn’t historically been a great thing for Egypt. Just … be on the lookout for more frogs than usual, is all we’re saying. 

Snow in Cairo for First Time in Over 100 Years