stand clear of the closing doors

Man’s Desperate Attempt to Prevent Subway Doors From Closing Ends in Tragedy

Orphaned bag. Photo: JonathanHarford/Reddit

Like really lame and uninteresting action heroes, New Yorkers will often lunge dramatically for a train’s closing doors in an effort to not wait six minutes for another train. And we will also thrust whatever we happen to be holding at the time — an umbrella, a briefcase, a child, a baby bird — into the path of the shutting doors, because every millisecond counts. But this can be a risky move, as one dude found out recently when the doors snatched his shopping bag and took off without him. Fortunately for the guy, there was nothing of real value in the bag. “Immediately after the train pulled away,” says the Redditor who documented the incident, “one woman tore (literally) into the bag. ‘Nothing good. No liquor.’”

Man Loses Bag of Crap in Subway Doors