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Someone Finally Made a Sexy-Cab-Driver Calendar

Oh, yeaaah. Grab that luggage for me. Photo: Shannon McLaughlin

For too long, New York’s cab drivers, world-renowned for their steaming-hot sex appeal, have been shut out of the sexy-novelty-calendar industry in favor of firefighters, swimsuit models, and Mormons. But no more. Writer Phil Kirkman and photographer Shannon McLaughlin are the creators of the NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Beefcake Calendar, a compilation of 100 percent authentic New York cab drivers striking seductive poses. Kirkman explained to Daily Intelligencer how it all came together.

We put up an ad on a website similar to a Craigslist for drivers and received twelve to fifteen responses,” he wrote in an e-mail. “There’s a section called Taxi/Driver wanted, where you can submit a film and/or photo shoot request.”

Photo: Shannon McLaughlin/Shannon McLaughlin

After hearing the details of the project, only seven of the cabbies signed on — but those seven were really into it. “Darek (Mr. January — cowboy on top of the cab) had a great energy,” Kirkman says. “From the moment he got out of the cab he was suggesting shots, providing props, and he actually suggested getting on top of the cab.”

Photo: Shannon McLaughlin/Shannon McLaughlin

We also wanted to be respectful of each driver’s culture and religion,” Kirkman added, “so there was a constant dialogue of, ‘Are you comfortable with this? With that?’” They seem pretty comfortable. 

Photo: Shannon McLaughlin

Proceeds of the $14.99 calendar will go to University Settlement, an organization that provides social services to both sexy and non-sexy immigrants.

Photos From the 2014 Sexy-Cab-Driver Calendar