There Sure Are a Lot of Illegal Cabs Driving Around

Yellow Taxi cab, Manhattan, New York City, USA.
Photo: Jon Arnold/AWL ImagesJA/Corbis? Jon Arnold / AWL Images

Since the Taxi and Limousine Commission opened a new satellite enforcement office at JFK on October 8, it’s discovered and seized 530 illegal taxicabs at the airport, the New York Post reports. That’s more than five times last year’s number for the same time period, and well more than half of the 980 illegal cabs seized since July at JFK and LaGuardia combined. During August, the commission reported a record 1,000 cabs seized citywide. If just a little on-the-spot enforcement at JFK can turn up so many more scofflaws in the last couple of months, it probably means a lot more are still out there. But then, simply raising one’s hand on a busy street in Brooklyn could tell you that.

There Sure Are a Lot of Illegal Cabs Around