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Twitter Is Tracking Bill De Blasio’s Tardiness [Updated]

“Don’t tell me you waste time going to the bathroom too.” Photo: TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Among the many Bloombergian quirks we’ll have to learn to live without in the next few weeks is the mayor’s poorly accented use of Spanish, which has been parodied for the last two years @ElBloombito. But to every thing there is a season, and since it seems the mayor-elect has yet to learn that lesson, there is now a Twitter account tracking his chronic lateness. @HowLateWasBdB started up on Thursday with the simple message, “Dec. 4, names first deputy mayor. 31 minutes late.” (Update: The account appears to have been deleted.)

De Blasio once showed up more than an hour late to a campaign event and has admitted that he’s “not a morning person,” but the more recent examples cited by the anonymous tweeter aren’t too egregious, ranging from 19 to 50 minutes. Still, this may just be a taste of things to come, as a Politicker profile noted he’s known for “leaving staffers waiting for hours outside his home or showing up late to morning events.” On the other hand, knowing that he’s going to be publicly shamed every time he’s running a bit behind schedule may encourage De Blasio to go to bed a little earlier.

Twitter Is Tracking Bill De Blasio’s Tardiness