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What Does One Do With a Stolen $40,000 Crocodile-Skin Jacket?

A croc-skin jacket from Zilli’s website.

Shoplifting incidents don’t usually make the New York Times, but this one was different: Someone (police suspect a fashionable couple in their 20s) made off with a $40,000 brown crocodile-skin jacket from a tiny French store on 57th Street. The store, Zilli, specializes in furs and exotic skins, according to our listing. One rings the doorbell for entry, and a manager told the Times only a few people were ever inside at once, which makes the brazen theft of the jacket at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 3 pretty incredible. The woman in the pair took it from the rack and handed it to the man, who brought it to a fitting room, according to police. Then he put it in a duffel bag, and they both walked out. It’s just that easy, apparently. Until one tries to haggle a price at Beacon’s Closet.

What Does One Do With a Stolen $40,000 Jacket?