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Arianna Huffington Tries to Live Life Like a Gazelle

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 20: Arianna Huffington attends the opening night of
Photo: Cindy Ord/2011 Getty Images

You can tell a lot about people from their screensavers. Mine is a picture of gazelles: they are my role models. They run and flee when there is a danger — say, a leopard or a lion approaching — but as soon as the danger passes, they stop and go back to grazing peacefully without a care in the world.” —The Huffington Post founder has a new column, “On the Importance of Appreciating Animals,” at the Dodo, a new website (think all-animals Upworthy) from her old partner Ken Lerer. “I think we will have tons of advertisers,” Lerer, who also funded Buzzfeed and Warby Parker, told Jessica Pressler in this week’s New York. “I think it will make a lot of money.”

Arianna Huffington Tries to Live Like a Gazelle