Armed Officers Were on Break When Gunman Opened Fire at LAX

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

The shooting at LAX in November, which left one TSA agent dead and three people wounded, immediately raised questions about a recent policy change that called for airport police to roam the terminal rather than sitting behind a TSA security checkpoint. Now two law enforcement officials tell the Associated Press another issue affected police response time: When a gunman opened fire, the two armed officers assigned to the area had just left for breaks without telling a dispatcher. It took a minute and a half for the officers to learn via radio that a shooting was in progress, after an airline contractor called a police dispatcher. Airport Police Chief Pat Gannon said they were on the scene quickly, and he’s “comfortable with what the officers were doing at the time that the shooting occurred and their ability to respond to the incident.”

Armed Officers on Break During LAX Shooting