Army General Gets Gross in E-mail About Congresswoman

A soldier stands guard near a C17 military aircraft sitting on the tarmac, on December 8, 2013 in Kandahar. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told American troops on Sunday that he supports a NATO force in Afghanistan after 2014, as Washington and President Hamid Karzai wrangle over a stalled security pact. AFP PHOTO POOL MARK WILSON

There’s a lot going on in the Washington Post’s large-scale information dump stemming from FOIA requests it made regarding unprofessional behavior of senior military officers in all three branches. But perhaps the single most shocking detail comes in an e-mail conversation between Brigadier General Martin Schweitzer and two other Army generals about Schweitzer’s meeting with U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers, whose district includes Fort Bragg. “First — she is smoking hot,” Schweitzer wrote. Later, he said he’d masturbated “3 times over the past 2 hours” after the meeting. Ellmers called the e-mail “entirely inappropriate.” Frustratingly for the Post (but likely to the relief of everyone else involved), “the Army censored the most offensive e-mail in its entirety, citing personal privacy interest.”

Army General Gets Gross About Congresswoman