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Bill de Blasio Will Take His Dad Humor National on The Daily Show

What’s so funny? Photo: John Moore/Getty

Back in September, shortly after Jon Stewart had donned an Afro wig and professed his desire to be adopted by the De Blasio family, the actual family was still laughing. “I thought that was really cool!” Chirlane McCray told me, sitting at her Park Slope dinner table. Dante, sitting next to his mom, was deadpan. “I’m surprised they haven’t reached out to us [to appear on the Daily Show],” he said. “I think it’s irresponsible!”

Dante was joking, but now the mayor will be taking his Dad Humor truly national: The Daily Show has booked De Blasio to appear on Monday night’s episode. It will be tough for the segment to top Stewart’s hilarious, vehement defense of NY1 last night, or last Monday’s amazing Jersey Boys production number begging Sean Hannity to stay in the city. But the more New York The Daily Show becomes, the better. And maybe Stewart can get to the bottom of that eating-pizza-with-a-fork blasphemy.

Bill de Blasio Will Take His Dad Humor National