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Michael Bloomberg Is Going to Editorial Meetings Now

 New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Now that he’s back in the offices of Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg is doing a bit more than just “working from his new desk on the fifth floor” for a few hours a day. In fact, the New York Times learned that the former mayor has adopted a hands-on approach that includes appearances at 7:30 a.m. meetings. At one, he “spoke up to indicate what coverage interested him” and even told the Bloomberg Businessweek staff he thinks their “articles were sometimes too long.”

While this newfound interest in this company’s editorial direction is worrying journalism ethics watchdogs, who believe media magnates should keep news-coverage opinions to themselves, a Bloomberg spokesman insisted his boss is just there to “get a sense of the great innovations they work on every day.” But if you start seeing a slew of Citi Bike stories, then you can guess where the idea came from.

Bloomberg Is Going to Editorial Meetings Now