Chris Christie Has Long Known the Life-Disrupting Power of Bridges

While New Jersey Governor Chris Christie denies he had anything to do with last year’s traffic-snarling lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, an astute Talking Points Memo reporter uncovered a campus newspaper story from his college days that eerily foreshadowed the debacle. Hunter Walker tweeted the above image from the University of Delaware Review as part of a cache of details about Christie’s college political career that didn’t make it into a TPM feature on the topic. The brief item highlights Christie’s elation, as Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress president, that a bridge over Delaware Route 896, which was to undergo construction, would remain open for the class of 1984’s graduation. Coincidence?!

Yes, probably. And so was Walker’s discovery of the ironic news item. He tweets: “I looked for Christie archives a few months ago and this stuff wasn’t there. They must have added recently. Just in time!” Indeed. Some UD archivist is probably having quite the laugh right now.

Christie Has Long Known the Power of Bridges