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Fun With Unintentionally Published Headlines: ‘Mike Francessa [sic] Says Rex Ryan Smells’

The dek reads “They both are fat.” Photo: Daily News

The article captured in a screenshot above, which was still live on the Daily News website as of this morning (with a time stamp, for what it’s worth, from August 2011), was noticed earlier today by Brian Bassett of SNY’s Jets blog. From the headline (“WFAN’s Mike Francessa [sic] says Rex Ryan smells”) to the dek (“They both are fat”) to the photo caption (“A-Rod picks his nose last night in Boston”), one imagines this article wasn’t meant to see the light of day.

Three possibilities:

1. The Daily News was hacked.

2. These are dummy headlines the paper was using on an article (or a template) that was accidentally published. (The first two lines — “Thios is the Raissman add on.This must get in.” and “This is the webn version” — appear to be instructions for formatting Bob Raissman’s columns; the rest of the content is Latin dummy text.)

3. The headline is real but published prematurely, and Raissman is about to BLOW THE LID OFF this Rex Ryan odor story.

Daily News: Francesa Says Rex Ryan Smells