Jon Stewart Has Some Feelings About Bill de Blasio’s Pizza-Eating Style

Next to Chris Christie, how bad could Bill de Blasio’s first scandal as mayor really be, especially if it involves something as happy-making as pizza, Jon Stewart wondered on The Daily Show last night. “Unless he rolls up a pie in a ball and takes it like a suppository at Grimaldi’s, I don’t see a problem …”
Then he saw the upsetting footage, which included a fork and knife. “Motherf*cker.”

“De Balsio, you son of a bitch. You’re supposed to be a champion for the middle class and two weeks into your term we catch you eating pizza à la Trump?” said Stewart. “You’re a man of the people — eat like one.” The shaming is thorough, and it is deserved. Let’s not let this happen again.

The Daily Show on De Blasio’s Pizza Fork: Video