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Jon Stewart Not Buying Obama’s NSA Speech at All

After taking the weekend to digest President Obama’s very long, very balanced address on NSA spying, Jon Stewart is not impressed. The Daily Show spent two segments last night parsing the conflicted speech, with Stewart summarizing: “The danger of terror is real — we gotta let the NSA do it’s job. The danger of government overreach is real — we gotta stop the NSA from doing its job. How do we stop this lose-lose?”

He concluded, “So, basically, the rule is: We will totally follow the rules until such a time that we determine we will no longer follow the rules. But don’t worry about it — you won’t hear about it — because we’re going to do it in secret.”

This debate will make us stronger,” declared the president. Cue Stewart: “Oh, good, that’s why the person who started the debate must be hunted down and thrown in prison for life.” Somewhere in Russia, probably on a pirated feed, Edward Snowden chuckles to himself before sighing and hanging his head.

The Daily Show on Obama’s NSA Speech