David Dinkins Finally Gets His Bridge, by Accident

Ed Koch got a bridge named after him before he died. But an effort to similarly honor former mayor David Dinkins has met with less success in the City Council, with legislation languishing before it could come to a vote. Apparently the folks at maps.nyc.gov did not get the memo that the effort to rename the Willis Avenue Bridge, connecting Manhattan and the Bronx over the Harlem River, had failed. The city’s website shows it as the David Dinkins Willis Avenue Bridge, an error the New York Daily News noticed on Wednesday, and that the city hasn’t corrected as of midday Thursday. “I’d be honored or flattered if they named a lamppost after me,” Dinkins told the Daily News on Wednesday. So he’s clearly in no hurry for the city’s website to get updated.

David Dinkins Finally Gets a Bridge, by Accident