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Dear Commenters: A New System Is Coming

Greetings, loyal (and disloyal) New York readers. Next week, we’ll be rolling out our new commenting platform with some features we’re excited about: You’ll have the ability to share comments on Twitter or Facebook, our moderators will have better tools to dispose of trolls, and you’ll have the option of receiving e-mail notifications when someone responds to or likes your comment. We think you’re going to like it.

On the down side, as we began importing our archive of comments into the new system last night, these e-mail notifications were mistakenly triggered, and some of you received a lot of them. The feature has since been turned off, so you shouldn’t be receiving the notifications anymore. We apologize profusely for the spamming — and we hope the imminent arrival of our new, better commenting system will make up for it. (One thing to know: You won’t have to repeatedly log in to comment anymore.) More details next week.

Dear Nymag Commenters: A New System Is Coming