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Evil-Seeming Birds Attack Pope Francis’s Peaceful Doves

Photo: ? Copyright 2014 Corbis

A chilling incident occurred in the Vatican this morning just after Pope Francis called for an end to the violence in Ukraine, where ongoing anti-government protests recently turned deadly. With the help of two children, Francis released two doves from the window of the Apostolic Palace as a symbol of peace, only to see them attacked by a crow and a seagull.

The Pope, the little boy and girl, and a crowd of tens of thousands of worshipers were forced to stand helplessly by as “one dove lost some feathers as it broke free from the gull,” while the crow “pecked repeatedly at the other dove.”

Photo: ? Copyright 2014 Corbis

The Associated Press reports that, “It was not clear what happened to the doves as they flew off.” Hopefully, they recovered and intend to continue to their avian fight for good. But, if something terrible happens somewhere in the world today, no one can say that there weren’t any signs.

Evil Birds Attack Pope Francis’s Peaceful Doves