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Fox News Wins New Year’s Eve: Screaming Woman Promises to ‘F-ck Sh-t Up!’ in 2014

Confirming once again that live television is the best television, Fox News attempted to ring in the New Year by checking in with its Miami bureau correspondent Phil Keating. The five best moments of the next 47 seconds, the finest 47 seconds broadcast that night, are as follows:

5. Keating, top button undone for the festivities, finding “another tall drink of water” to interview for local flavor.

4. Said “tall drink of water” (TDoW) giving him bunny ears.

3. TDoW yelling, “We got five minutes until 2014 and we’re gonna fuck shit up!”

2. Then Miley Cyrus–ing the camera on her way out.

1. Keating’s reaction: “Whoooaaaa!! This is a family channel, babe.” Come on, babe.

Fox News: F-cking Sh-t Up in 2014 Video