French President Announces Breakup With First Girlfriend

In a statement to Agence France Presse, French President François Hollande said, “I make it known that I have put an end” to his relationship with Valerie Trierweiler, who has lived with him for years. The announcement comes a couple weeks after a French magazine reported that he was having affair with actress Julie Gayet, which caused Trierweiler to check herself into a hospital for “a very strong emotional shock.” (After leaving the facility, she spent some time at Versailles.) Hollande, who had promised to clear up his relationship status before a scheduled February 11 visit to the White House (Trierweiler was supposed to accompany him), is set to travel to Turkey on Monday. Meanwhile, Trierweiler will leave France on Sunday for a humanitarian trip to India. There’s no word on whether Gayet’s stuff will be all over the Palace Elysée when she returns.

François Hollande Announces Trierweiler Breakup