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George Zimmerman’s Second Painting Is Even Less Subtle

If you’re interested in owning artwork by a man famous for fatally shooting a teenager, but couldn’t understand the deep symbolism in George Zimmerman’s painting of an American flag stock photo, you’re in luck. His latest piece, titled “Angie,” depicts Florida State Attorney Angela Corey at the moment she announced that she’d charged him with murder (the Daily News has already identified the photo it’s based on). The text reads “I have this much respect for the ‘American judicial system.’” Robert Zimmerman Jr., the acquitted neighborhood watchman’s brother, unveiled the painting on Twitter, promising more details about the sale on Thursday. Someone paid $100,099.99 for the last painting, which seems ridiculous until you consider that Zimmerman said art provides “a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors.” Maybe it’s worth it.

Zimmerman’s Second Painting Is Even Less Subtle