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Florida Politician Wants Obama Hanged for Treason, Like Benedict Arnold

What kinds of people dream of populating the asylum also known as the Florida House of Representatives? Meet Joshua Black, the street-preacher Republican candidate who made a name for himself on MLK Day by calling for the execution of President Obama. He has since said he’s sorry (for an incorrect historical allusion — #BenedictArnold — not the “kill the president” part).

It started, like all rational political debate, on Twitter:

And then, naturally, moved to Facebook (sic throughout, of course):

Only today did Black see the error of his passionate ways. “Well, I need to make this clarification: I was wrong about Benedict Arnold,” who was never executed, he wrote. “I apologize for the confusion.” At least hundreds of Floridians will vote for this man. Bet on it.

Florida Man Wants Obama Hanged for Treason