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Lis Smith Forced to Deny Eliot Spitzer Sucked Her Toes in a Hot Tub

The New York Post’s relentless crusade against Eliot Spitzer and his new girlfriend, Lis Smith, the former spokesperson for his comptroller campaign and Bill de Blasio’s transition team, reached gross new lows today, in the form of alleged topless hot-tub toe-sucking. The report, which sources an anonymous 10-year-old boy vacationing with his family in Jamaica (always reliable), comes just when you thought the Post couldn’t get any more Post-y.

In response to the story, the often pugnacious Smith alluded to the tabloid’s “Who didn’t want him dead?” Sunday cover and suggested the intel, which reads like political nerd fan-fiction, came from obsessive Spitzer-hater and Republican-cum-Libertarian strategist Roger Stone.

Before the story was published, Stone teased it:

He later denied involvement (but he would):

Smith also engaged the inter-tabloid beef, retweeting a dubious Daily News reporter:

Far from cowering, Smith is determined to live her life as she would if the Post weren’t on a dedicated mission to ruin her life.

Lis Smith Denies Eliot Spitzer Sucked Her Toes