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Megyn Kelly Surprised Weiner Is Less ‘Cocky’ When Discussing Scandal

From time to time, Anthony Weiner shows up on a talk show to see if America is over that dick pic thing, which is now a particularly important consideration since he may be getting a TV gig. The answer is still no. On Monday night, Fox News aired the second half of Weiner’s reunion with Megyn Kelly, who was a frequent on-air sparring partner pre-scandal. The Kelly File host replayed some of their nastiest fights, and asked “how somebody with a secret like that could go on national television and be that cocky.”

Kelly then asked for Weiner’s insights on Benghazi and Bridgegate as a similarly troubled politician, and he calmly and rationally explained that the three events are totally different.

In her post-interview recap, Kelly observed that Weiner is animated when talking politics, but more reserved when it comes to his own controversies. “The body language – it was like two different guys!” she marveled. What kind of weirdo acts one way when arguing a political point and has a totally different demeanor when discussing his incredibly embarrassing personal failings?

Megyn Kelly: Weiner’s Less ‘Cocky’ on Scandal