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NYU Student Who Fell From Dorm Was Reportedly Shrooming

The latest detail in the tragic story about a freshman NYU student who fell to his death from a dorm building ahead of the spring semester makes the whole, terrible thing even more of a mystery. Titan Lee-Hai, 18, of Trinidad, was naked and shrooming hard shortly before his death, police said. “I was in the elevator, and he just walked in and punched me in the face. He was naked when he walked in,” one fellow freshman told the New York Post. So now, cops who had been investigating Lee-Hai’s death as a suicide said he might have simply tripped and fallen. “Sources said the victim left no suicide note and that there was no suggestion he was suffering from depression,” the Post reported.

We’ve also learned a bit more about Lee-Hai, including that he was an aspiring rapper who went by the stage name Trizzy Kid, and had an impressive collection of YouTube videos. Here’s a recent song he put up:

NYU Student Who Fell From Dorm Was Shrooming