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Obama Family Photo Album Accidentally Delivered to Random Midwestern Woman

Not only was a Chicago-area Christmas package delivered a week late, torn to shreds, and repackaged in a toilet paper box by the post office — it happens — but the container mistakenly included an artifact of national importance. Alane Ecklund Church of Wadsworth, Illinois, opened the box to find a gift from “Barack, Michelle + the girls” addressed to Sasha and Malia’s godmother. Naturally, she went straight to Facebook, and then the Today show.

The “very special” photo album, addressed to Mama Kaye and Papa Wellington, was filled with “private moments of their year of 2013 together,” said Church, who declined to show the pictures on TV for fear of ruining the present completely.

Well the Mystery is OVER Just talked to God Mother of the girls ‘Mama Kaye’ !! She is so kind and very excited to get her PICTURE book of the girls lives in 2013!!! What a crazy mix up!!!” Church wrote on her Facebook page. “She was so excited to get my call!!! She said the girls make her a book every year!!”

Or, like most other offbeat things on the Internet, the whole thing could be a hoax. If anyone could soothe the world into believing anything, it’s a wholesome, all-American Midwestern mom and Matt Lauer:

Obama Christmas Present Sent to Random Woman