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Queens McDonald’s Terrorized by Pack of Senior Citizens

Photo: McDonald’s

Though they say they don’t like the food and there are several senior centers in the area, a group of elderly Korean patrons has laid claim to the McDonald’s on the corner of Parsons and Northern Boulevards in Flushing. The New York Times reports that the group has been gathering at the spot for years, often lingering all day over a single coffee or order of fries and refusing to give up their seats, but recently the situation has escalated. Police have been called to clear them out four times since November, and officers have stopped in on patrol as often as three times per day. The seniors say they just walk around the block and sit down again after the officers leave. In other news, Flushing is apparently totally crime-free now, so you may want to consider moving there – unless you place a high value on ample McDonald’s seating.

Queens McDonald’s Terrorized by Senior Citizens