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Rob Ford Got Drunk and Acted Ridiculously Again

Substance-abusing Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been relatively well behaved in public recently, having managed a visit a Toronto megaclub without slurring anything offensive and telling reporters about the $5,000 check he thoughtfully gave to his wife for Christmas. Unfortunately, it seems that Ford’s civilized streak has come to an end: A video posted to YouTube on Tuesday shows him standing in what appears to be a fast-food restaurant, waving his arms around and speaking unintelligibly in what the person who uploaded the footage (which was supposedly recorded last night) described as a “Jamaican accent,” which mostly consists of drunk mumbling occasionally punctuated by “mon.”

Ford’s brother, Doug, acknowledged that the video was authentic but claimed that it could not have been recorded on Monday because Rob “hasn’t taken a drink” since “the beginning of November,” and “Rob’s a lot heavier in that picture … than what he is now.” Doug also claimed to have spoken to the mayor at 10:30 last night. However, when a reporter asked him if he thought his brother “needs help,” he responded, “The only person who needs help is you guys.” So, even if the Fords did have a conversation on the evening the video was taken, it doesn’t seem that Doug is a great judge of how messed up his brother is at any given moment.