miracle on the hudson

Sully Sullenberger Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of Hudson Miracle by Drinking During the Day

Passengers stand on the wings of a U.S. Airways plane as a ferry pulls up to it after it landed in the Hudson River in New York, January 15, 2009. Local media said the plane was an Airbus with 146 passengers and five crew which had just taken off from La Guardia Airport and was trying to return after apparently striking a flock of birds.
Remember? Photo: BRENDAN MCDERMID/Reuters/Corbis

In the five years since Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed a plane on the Hudson River, he’s written two books and had lots of “rock star sex” with his loving wife, while the rest of us remain largely unchanged. To mark today’s anniversary, Sully and some of his U.S. Airways passengers from that fateful day returned to the river for a much more leisurely ferry ride with the crew members who picked them up back in 2009.

Had even one person not survived,” said Sullenberger today, “I personally couldn’t have celebrated any of this.” But because he’s so awesome, everyone did, and that deserves a drink.

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The toast, appropriately, was “to life”:

Sully Toasts to Life on Miracle Anniversary