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This Video of Mike Francesa Opening the Super Bowl Swag Kit Is Mesmerizing

Mike Francesa spent some nine minutes on the air today opening the Super Bowl swag kit that game attendees will receive upon entering MetLife Stadium. Like a kid opening his gifts on Christmas morning, Francesa’s eyes light up when he sees something he likes while he gives an item-by-item breakdown of the fan pack, which mostly includes things intended to keep fans warm during the game.

It’s worth watching in its entirety, but highlights include:

2:10: Francesa attempting to put on his Super Bowl earmuffs, which don’t fit on his head. (“Maybe they’re made for kids, I dunno.”)

2:50: The way he describes each item like a QVC host. (“Super Bowl hand warmer. Ya got one of those. Ya got two of those. Ya got three of those. Those are good! Ya put ‘em in your gloves, ya put ‘em in your socks.”)

3:33: The excitement on his face when he realizes there are gloves included. (“Ah, this is great! You get Super Bowl mittens!”)

4:12: The hate for Fox’s New Girl. (“Is that a TV show?” And later: “This is a show on Fox that I wouldn’t watch if you paid me.” And on Zooey Deschanel: “I don’t know who she is.”)

5:44: Francesa modelling a bandana-like item, and knocking his glasses off as he puts it on. (“I don’t put anything on my hair … If you had hair like mine, you wouldn’t cover it up either.”)

6:51: “This is a wool hat. You know that already.”

7:35: More excitement still when he learns the kit also includes a hand-warming pouch like NFL players use.

Video: Francesa Opens the Super Bowl Swag Kit