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American Bobsledder Defeats Bathroom Door in Sochi

There are a lot of problems with the bathrooms in Sochi. But earlier today, American bobsledder Johnny Quinn did his country and his sport proud by defeating a poorly constructed bathroom door in hand-to-hand combat. According Quinn’s Twitter account, the trouble started during his shower, when he found the door “locked/jammed.” Trapped inside “with no phone to call for help,” the athelete “used [his] bobsled push training to break out.” Presumably, that means he ran through the door with his head down, like he would before hopping aboard a bobsled — only without a helmet. Luckily — as you can see from the spectacular photo Quinn posted of the scene after his escape — the door appears to have been made of something much less intimidating than the hard, icy tracks he’s used to.

American Bobsledder Defeats Sochi Bathroom Door