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Chris Christie Scandal Leaves Disrespected Barbara Buono Free to Dis Everyone

Photo: Mike Pont/Getty Images

The political downfall of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is all schadenfreude for Barbara Buono, the Democrat he destroyed in November’s election. Now that she’s free of political responsibilities — and even local newspapers are apologizing for endorsing Christie — Buono can say whatever the hell she wants. “I’m lovin’ it,” she told the New York Times today of her new life, in which those who ignored her candidacy are experience “buyer’s remorse.”

Hillary Clinton wrote me a nice letter — after I lost,” said Buono, who identifies as a fan of the famously blunt, outspoken singers Lauryn Hill and Rihanna. “The vice president called me directly — after I lost.” And her response to the newfound attention? “I get calls from people sometimes,” she said, “and I don’t return them.” You could’ve had her, but you were playin’.

Barbara Buono Disses Hillary Clinton