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Bronx Tenants Sue After 113 Calls to 311 Fail to Restore Heat, Hot Water

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If placing 113 calls to 311 while dealing with intermittent heat and hot water doesn’t sound like hell on earth to you, then there’s a lovely apartment complex in Mount Eden you need to see. Tenants at 1505 Townsend Ave are taking their landlord Townsend Realty Estates to court after Townsend allegedly refused to respond to 194 open violations. The residents want Townsend Realty to address a host of problems ranging from spotty heat and hot water since December to jutting nails and a constantly wet lobby floor. On the other hand, the lack of heat might have turned that lobby puddle into a accidental ice rink, an amenity you’re not going to get anywhere else.

Bronx Tenants Sue After 113 311 Calls Fail