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The Public Still Can’t Access 33,000 Pages of Clinton Library Documents

Hillary and Bill Clinton (right) sit with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend Sandra Lee (left) as they watch ceremonies for New York City's 109th Mayor Bill de Blasio on January 1, 2014 in New York City. Mayor de Blasio was sworn in using a Bible once owned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Following the 12 years of the Michael Bloomberg administration, Mayor de Blasio won on a liberal platform that emphasized the growing gulf between the rich and poor in New York City.
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According to the National Archives, 33,000 pages of Clinton White House documents are currently unavailable for public perusal, though they should have become accessible as of January 2013, or twelve years after the end of Clinton’s presidency. According to Politico, some of the documents are confidential communiques with Hillary Clinton. Based on that information alone, the as-yet unseen pages could contain a bombshell revelation that would destroy Hillary’s chance at the White House – or they could be 33,000 copies of Bill’s daily schedule with erotic doodles in the margin that have yet to be fed into the library’s scanner. There’s just no way to know yet. That’s what makes them so exciting.

When Politico pressed the White House and National Archive about the documents this week, both seemed prepared to remedy the situation. “The White House has cleared a significant number of P2/P5 Clinton documents … roughly 25,000 pages,” an Obama aide replied. On Tuesday, Chris Isleib, the director of the National Archives, informed Politico, “As of today, the representatives of the former and incumbent presidents have approved the release of a majority of the approximately 33,000 pages of Clinton presidential records that were previously withheld” under the twelve-year restriction. However, Isleib also noted that the White House had pushed the deadline for the release of the remaining records to March 26. So if the entire Clinton Library mysteriously floods on March 25 and their electronic records are magnetically destroyed, it’s probably an unfortunate coincidence.

Clinton Library Documents Inaccessible to Public