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De Blasio Mocks Bloomberg, Learns to Eat Pizza in Daily Show Debut

Bill de Blasio’s spokeswoman claims the mayor wrote his own jokes for his first appearance on The Daily Show, so naturally Monday’s interview was chock full of dad humor – and jabs at his predecessor, teed up by Jon Stewart. After Stewart claimed it never snowed during the Bloomberg years, De Blasio quipped, “I think he paid the right guy. I mean, he had the money.” When the host mused that Bloomberg could have paid for citywide pre-K himself, the mayor said the $2.6 billion “could have been a gratuity.” But the biggest target was the new mayor himself – specifically, his shameful habit of transferring pizza to his mouth using a fork rather than his hands.

Bloomberg, as you know, used to have his food chewed and put back into his mouth, like a baby bird — but this is unacceptable,” said Stewart, offering De Blasio a slice from a fresh sausage-and-mushroom pie. “As mayor of Napoli – I mean New York City — we are always ready for our pizza,” said De Blasio, pulling a knife and fork from inside his jacket.

After watching Stewart’s demonstration, De Blasio managed to consume pizza like a normal New Yorker, and was rewarded with his own (not so) Big Gulp. “Oh, you are gigantic,” said Jon. “In his hands, it looks like a regular soda.”

De Blasio Learns to Eat Pizza on The Daily Show