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Russian Figure Skater Finally Apologizes for Racist Obama Tweet, But Also She Was ‘Hacked’

Decorated former Russian ice skater and current pro-Putin politician Irina Rodnina, who lit the Olympic flame in Sochi last week, is totally sorry that some crazy racist hackers posted an offensive (and Photoshopped!) image of Barack and Michelle Obama on her Twitter account in September and then defended it as free speech. How Not to Apologize Five Months Late, Olympics Edition:

Previously, however, Rodnina refused to back down (loosely translated: “Freedom of speech is freedom!”):

That was probably the hacker, too.

And yet, on Saturday, her own daughter, a producer at HuffPost Live, opted to avoid the Anthony Weiner–like defense and instead own the shame of having a parent who says untoward things:

Hopefully the hacker was invited to the family meeting.

Irina Rodnina Apologizes for Racist Obama Tweet