Joe Biden Thinks La Guardia Airport Looks Like a ‘Third-World Country’

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the 36th Annual Harkin Steak Fry on September 15, 2013 in Indianola, Iowa. Sen. Harkin's Democratic fundraiser is one of the largest in Iowa each year.
Photo: Steve Pope/Getty Images

If I blindfolded someone and and took ‘em at two o’clock in the morning into the airport in Hong Kong, and said, ‘Where do you think you are?’ they’d say this must be America — it’s a modern airport,” said the vice-president in a speech today. “If I took and blindfolded you and took you to La Guardia in New York, you think, ‘I must be in some third-world country.’ I’m not joking!” The funniest part is that Joe Biden thinks someone would trust him with a blindfold.

La Guardia a ‘Third-World Country,’ Says Biden