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Senate Candidate Fails Miserably at Explaining Why He Posted Gruesome X-Rays on Facebook

If you’re running for office, there are few questions from a reporter more uncomfortable than, “Do you still post images of dead people on the internet?”

Milton Wolf is a Kansas radiologist and Tea Partier challenging Senator Pat Roberts in the GOP primary, centering his campaign on health-care reform. But he was on the receiving end of that very inquiry recently, after the local news presented him with a pile of horrific patient X-rays, including gunshot wounds and other carnage, that he’d posted to Facebook and his blog, The Wolf Files, before deciding to run for office. Worse for Dr. Wolf, his reactions are all on video in one of the more awkward candidate sit-downs we’ve ever seen.

I’m not going to play these kinds of gotcha games,” said Wolf, which isn’t going to cut it. “If you don’t identify a person then you don’t need permission,” he offered when pressed.

Other excuses included: “I’ll tell you the burden you carry when you’re a doctor…” and “This is the kind of material you see in education medical textbooks all the time,” to which the reporter responded, “This is Facebook.”

Wolf has since apologized — “We all try to get through difficult things. I suppose humor in of itself is just that,” he told Breitbart but this video is never going away, and for good reason. He’s not squirming because of the gore.

Senate Candidate Milton Wolf Sorry for X-Rays