tv-stained wretches

MSNBC Map Reestablishes Czechoslovakia

As an apparent Russian invasion of Ukraine ramps up in Crimea, tensions are heightening worldwide. Armed men seized the airports there on Friday in what the Ukrainian government described as an invasion. President Barack Obama said the United States was “deeply concerned” about reports of Russian military movement there and warned of “costs for any military intervention.” Reports from the Ukrainian border service said Russian transport planes had landed in the region with unknown cargo — all of which means MSNBC might want to invest in a map of the region that’s not outdated by 20 years.

Shortly before the president made his comments, MSNBC’s Now With Alex Wagner ran a segment on the apparent invasion there and illustrated it with a map that included Czechoslovakia, a country that has not existed since 1993, when it dissolved into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Perhaps, before MSNBC single-handedly spreads more chaos in the region, it should invest in a map with one more name on it.