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New Frontier for Dumb Criminals: The iCloud Selfie

Photo: NYPD

What do you do when you get a new iPhone? You take some selfies and show it off. As we’ve learned, this is often the case for criminals with stolen phones, too. But it’s either getting harder to prevent those selfies from going online or our thieves are just getting less tech-savvy. Either way, the latest in dumb criminals accidentally sharing evidence of their crimes came from the NYPD’s 88th Precinct, in Brooklyn, where cops arrested two teens who allegedly robbed a guy for his cash and phone. The phone’s owner found their celebratory selfies on iCloud, and police used them to make two arrests in the following days, the NYPD reports. A similar thing happened earlier this month in Harlem, and last year, someone accidentally uploaded his weed-smoking selfie to the victim’s Facebook. Sure beats a sketch!

New Frontier for Dumb Criminals: iCloud Selfies