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New York Post ‘Busts’ de Blasio (Gasp!) Jaywalking

 Bill Deblasio, Chirlane Deblasio,walk to the Park Slope branch of the Brooklyn Library to cast thier vote for the upcoming 2014 mayoral election.on November 5, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York City.
De Blasio used to follow street signs before he went mad with power. Photo: Steve Sands/WireImage

It was one thing when CBS videoed Mayor Bill “Vision Zero” de Blasio’s motorcade speeding and rolling through stops. But the New York Post now has the goods to nail its archenemy to the wall for good. Hang onto your monocles: They caught de Blasio jaywalking! As the mayor and his team set off on “his morning jaywalk” from his Park Slope house to the YMCA, “they were in the crosswalk but were jaywalking because they did not have the light.” The horror! Anyway, that’s the end of this administration. We’re just glad he’s the only person in the city reckless enough to risk his life like that.

New York Post ‘Busts’ de Blasio Jaywalking