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Rob Ford Busted for Jaywalking

Rob Ford got into a little trouble last night, though he says it wasn’t for the usual reasons: A police officer gave the fun-loving Toronto mayor and his friend David Price tickets for jaywalking in Vancouver at around 8:45 p.m. (They now owe fines of $109 each.) Ford, who was in the area to attend the funeral of Price’s mother, told the Toronto Sun that the citation left him “speechless” and “perplexed.” “I said I can’t believe this,” he recalled. “They went out of their way to do this. I said I support you guys. Did you arrest me because I am a Broncos fan?”

Meanwhile, someone who saw Ford get ticketed told the Globe and Mail that Ford said he was being cited for “public drunkenness” in addition to jaywalking. And at least one Twitter user claimed to have gotten “hammered” with the mayor on Friday night. (Another posted a photo of a jovial-looking Ford inside a bar.) But Ford denied that he was engaging in his old habits. “All I have had here is a Diet Coke,” he said. Maybe the caffeine just made him really anxious to get across the street.