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Shocking Revelation From Clinton Files


The Clinton Presidential Library released thousands of previously sealed documents. So far, the most shocking revelation, currently leading Politico’s front page, is that the Clinton White House was concerned about whether its health-care bill would pass. Here is the juicy nugget:


To restate the obvious: While the substance is obviously controversial, there is apparently great disquiet in the capitol over whether we understand the inter-activity between reconciliation and health, procedurally, and in terms of timing and counting votes for both measures,” the memo stated. “We need strategic agreement among ourselves and. between us and the Hill on timing and process. This can work, but it will come apart if we don’t get these pieces right.”

If you’re still reading about the history of the Clinton administration and haven’t gotten to 1994 yet, the following is a SPOILER ALERT: The Clinton health-care bill did not pass Congress. It was already obvious at the time that the Clinton health-care bill faced huge challenges passing Congress. Perhaps the funniest thing about this revelation from the Clinton files is that the author of the unsigned memo prefaces with “To restate the obvious …”

Shocking Revelation From Clinton Files