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Constant Snow Just Really Annoying at This Point

“The snowstorm situation is reaaally getting a little too common,” said Mayor De Blasio this morning, announcing the imminent arrival of yet another snowstorm, following yesterday’s, and the one before that, and the one before that. “I think I did three rounds of shoveling and three rounds of salting yesterday,” he added. “This is really getting obnoxious.”

The National Weather Service says the latest round is expected to start around midnight and could continue through 6 p.m. on Wednesday, dropping up to eight more inches (Central Park tallied eight inches on Tuesday as well). “As I’ve emphasized, the National Weather Service has a habit of updating their forecasts and things change,” said De Blasio. “I’m now learning that forecasts can change – meaning more snow.” 

Freezing rain is also expected, because why not. The chance of precipitation tomorrow currently sits at 100 percent.

The Department of Sanitation has issued a “snow alert,” warning of an upcoming “snow event,” and De Blasio, whose job so far has almost seemed more meteorologist than mayor, is now aware of the special coddling needed by the Upper East Side.

There is also a chance of snow on Saturday, at which point, Florida it is.

Snow Coming to NYC Again (Yes, Again Again)