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Teacher Who Said She’d Pull a ‘Columbine’ Suing Police for Bad Reputation

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Even when a grand jury fails to indict, Google never forgets. But $6 million on behalf of the NYPD could ease the pain: Sabrina Milo, the woman arrested for a “terroristic threat” after saying, “If I had a trench coat and a shotgun, it’d be Columbine all over again,” in the teacher’s lounge of a Brooklyn school, is suing the police department for ruining her life. Although the charges were dropped, her lawyer says, “It’s been a very difficult road for her.” Now unemployed, Milo claims civil-rights violations, like terrible search results: “It’s not easy when your name is Googled and these stories come up,” the lawyer argues. “Imagine getting arrested whenever you say something like ‘I’m going to kill my kids’ or ‘I want to strangle my husband.’” And then imagine potentially getting rich off of it.

Teacher Suing NYPD Over ‘Columbine’ Arrest