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Upstate Hotel Shut Down by Horrible Stomach Bug

The norovirus’s vacation-ruining abilities are not limited to the high seas: The highly contagious stomach bug that felled at least 700 people aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise last month has struck upstate New York’s historic Mohonk Mountain House. Guests and employees starting reporting fun symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea last Friday, but it was only yesterday that management decided to temporarily shut the place down for a thorough cleaning. CBS New York reports that “hundreds” of people have been sickened by the resort’s outbreak. “They are touching every inch and they are sanitizing,” said a Mohonk Mountain House spokeswoman. “It could have started anywhere. It could have come from anywhere, and it could be from anywhere. This could happen anywhere.” The hotel is set to reopen February 14, so guests’ Valentine’s Day plans shouldn’t be destroyed so long as they don’t think about their destination’s very recent past too hard.

Upstate Hotel Shut Down by Icky Stomach Bug