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You Probably Missed the Craziest Super Bowl Ad, for a Hammer-Swinging Georgia Lawyer

Many of this year’s Super Bowl ads took a turn for the cute and cuddly, but one for Georgia personal-injury lawyer Jamie Casino most certainly did not, going full badass instead. Casino’s tw0-minute ad, which aired in the Savannah area, does not dwell on frippery such as his legal credentials or his record. Rather, it sets up a story about how he used to defend “villains,” but after his brother was gunned down, he changed his ways, and now “I speak for innocent victims who cannot speak for themselves.” The ad culminates in Casino smashing a tombstone with a sledgehammer to the tune of Nick Nolan’s “Devil Gets Your Soul,” a trope borrowed from a previous ad about how he smashes insurance companies. One may wonder what his former clients think of being referred to as “villains” on television, but when you’re the Chuck-Norris-meets-Thor of civil attorneys, this is a minor concern.

You Probably Missed the Craziest Super Bowl Ad