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4 Mind-bogglingly Un-Self-Aware Opinions From Bernie Madoff

NEW YORK - MARCH 10: Financier Bernard Madoff leaves Manhattan Federal court March 10, 2009 in New York City. Madoff attended a hearing regarding the conflicting status of his legal representation in his multi-billion dollar fraud allegations. His lawyer, Ira Sorkin, has told a judge his client is expected to plead guilty to 11 counts including money laundering, perjury and securities, mail and wire fraud. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Bernard Madoff
Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

From a medium-security prison in Butner, North Carolina, where the 75-year-old Ponzi-schemer is serving a 150-year sentence, Bernie Madoff still has his convictions. Politico published what Madoff estimates is his fifth in-the-flesh interview since being sent south in 2009, and it is every bit as out of touch as his previous attempts to explain himself. In addition to calling his sentencing judge “an idiot” and insisting, “I’ve made more money for Jewish people and charities than I’ve lost,” Madoff held forth on Bill de Blasio, Barack Obama, and bad Chinese food.


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio? “I’m not a great fan of redistribution of wealth,” Madoff says.

He prefers that people earn the things they have.


Madoff voted for Obama in 2008, but now says he is “terribly disappointed” in the president and would not have voted for him a second time. “His policies are too socialist.”

Which leads us to his living arrangements 


It’s actually very pretty,” he said. “More like a college campus.” He added, “Everything’s provided for you.”

And yet, despite the fact that cells aren’t even locked at night, things just aren’t up to par, especially the ethnic food.


Even the food in prison is mostly “all right,” though he reminisced about traveling to cities like Hong Kong and his love for Asian food. The canteen at Butner sometimes serves chicken fried rice, but that it is “horrible.”

Everybody thinks the worst of me,” Madoff laments. Why his solution is to keep talking, even he has no idea:

Asked why he agreed to this interview, Madoff responded, “I’m not sure why I’m doing this.”

Bernie Madoff Still Saying Ridiculous Things