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A Car Managed to Crash Into the Subway This Morning [Updated]


Just after 5 a.m., an above-ground Brooklyn Q train was hit by a Nissan SUV, which somehow crashed through a fence and ended up on top of a subway car. The driver, reportedly a woman, left the scene, leaving behind one massive piece of evidence.

Miraculously, no one was hurt and the train “sustained minimal damages,” DNAinfo reports.

For once, for the dozens of passengers onboard, the reason for the “expect delays” announcement was obvious and indisputable.

Update: As many people have pointed out, the above incident uncomfortably recalls a Nissan commercial in which an SUV lands on top of a train and then carries on with its business.

“Fantasy, do not attempt,” says the fine print. “Cars can’t jump on trains.”

Car Crashes Into Subway in Brooklyn: Photos