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El Niño Supposedly Coming With Warmer Weather

A man shovels away mudslide debris after an El Nino rainstorm February 9, 1998 in Malibu, CA. Million-dollar homes sustain damage or are completely destroyed after an El Nino rainstorm leads to erosion that causes a cliff to buckle.
El Niño mudslide, 1998. Photo: Paula Bronstein/Liaison

El Niño, the weather phenomenon brought on by the warming of the Pacific Ocean, may be making a comeback this summer, leading to warmer temperatures but also rainier weather. NOAA released a report giving El Niño a 50 percent chance of developing this summer or fall, which could bring the U.S. a much milder winter next year, a relief after the recent bitter cold.

Meteorologists say El Niño’s arrival may lead to fewer Atlantic hurricanes and seriously benefit parts of California and the southwestern United States, both suffering from terrible droughts. But it could also lead to potential losses in food crops and a much hotter year across the globe. So after never being able to go outside during the freezing winter, you won’t be able to stand the outdoors in the summer either.

It’s too early to know how strong this potential El Niño may be, but if it arrives in full-force, one scientist said global temperatures in 2015 could be “in near record-breaking territory.” 

In the meantime, winter has one-upped El Niño by sending an insanely adorable Arctic seal to sun himself on the shores of Rockaway Beach. The “handsome guy” is in good health, and DNAinfo found him chilling out and looking pretty content in New York’s balmy 30-degree weather.

Okay, fine. We forgive you, winter. Almost.

El Niño Brings Warmer Weather to U.S.